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Are you looking for the perfect bedding? Then we have exactly the right thing for you!

Strike the Perfect Balance: Feng Shui for the Bedroom Want to create a calming, healthy atmosphere in your bedroom? Our organic bed linen based on the Feng Shui principle will help you to balance the energy in your room.

Fengshui principles have been around for almost 4000 years. Literally translated, the words mean water and wind, the two elements that are always in endless motion. This harmonious energy is called the Qi. In Fengshui, the cardinal points stand for vitality, health, harmony and clarity.

What does this mean for our feng shui bedroom?

The bedroom according to Fengshui invites you to relax and switch off. We feel safe, secure and sleep all the better. The fengshui bedroom should be a yin room with soft colors as an opponent to the yang. Yang represents darkness and passivity.

Adorned with gemstones and lovingly hand-drawn mandalas, our luxurious organic bedding from The Spirt of Om offers the perfect decor for your feng shui bedroom. High-quality materials and careful craftsmanship make it a unique experience for your senses. The gemstones ensure a harmonious energy in the room so that you can relax and feel good. The hand-painted mandalas on The Spirt of Om bed linen are not only a visual highlight, they also help you to reduce stress. Enjoy a restful sleep in our organic bed linen from The Spirt of Om and start the next day with extra energy.

Why should it be organic bedding with precious stones and what do they do?

Our exclusive bed linen made from organic materials and decorated with precious stones such as rose quartz, amethyst and tourmaline. The gemstones have a positive and holistic effect on the mind and soul. The amethyst is good for tension and stands for freshness. The rose quartz for cordiality, breadth in the heart. The tourmaline represents serenity. The combination of first-class materials and careful craftsmanship makes this product a unique experience for your senses. The gemstones help to create a harmonious energy for you and support you in relaxing and feeling good.

What size is our organic bed linen?

Crafted from soft, high-quality organic cotton and featuring hand-painted mandalas and the Flower of Life design, our luxurious bedding set promises a streamlined look. It consists of a pillowcase measuring 80x80 cm or 40x80 cm and a duvet cover measuring 135x200 and 155x220 cm, which convey a feeling of calm and relaxation for a healthy sleep, without harmful substances and allergens. There are also additional pillowcases that can be ordered individually, as well as a double cover 200x220 cm and that from all organic bed linen: Sunrise, Blue Dream, Rainbow, Beauty Dream and Soul Shine.

How do I care for the organic bed linen with precious stones?

The colorful look of the mandalas and the flower of life motif brings a pleasant feng shui into your home and energy into your bedroom. And caring for our bed linen is child's play - wash it by hand in the washing machine at 60 degrees. All covers of our organic bed linen have a zip for a quick change of organic bed linen. With our bed linen you will experience carefree nights and a restful sleep, with high quality and comfort at the same time!

Why is organic bed linen so special?

Our luxurious organic bed linen from The Spirt of Om with gemstones and hand-painted mandalas, as well as the flower of life is the perfect choice for a good night's sleep. Made from 100% soft organic cotton (from organic farming) without pesticides and pollutants, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also suitable for allergy sufferers. The ripe seed pods of the soft organic cotton (KbA) are picked by hand. Experience the luxury of organic fabrics with organic bed linen. Our organic bedding is ethically made from safe organic materials, completely free of hazardous chemicals. The organic bed linen from The Spirt of Om according to the Fengshui principle is digitally printed without the use of water, in a particularly ecological way. Thanks to the extra-soft organic cotton, you'll feel like you're in a bed of clouds in your feng shui bedroom at night.