About Us


aalenaa was born out of a deep conviction that quality is not what counts in our lives. Our products, whether they are made in-house or by partner companies, are all of the highest quality and use the best manufacturing processes. They are mainly made in Europe, many even in Germany. We work with small and medium-sized companies that also think and act like we do. From our point of view, this is the most important thing for the future: create value – preserve value.

Raw materials from organic farming
We are actively committed to sustainable development and the associated protection of all raw materials used to process our products. We are responsible for only hiring suppliers and manufacturers who meet our high standards and exactly how we think.

fair and social
The basis of all our products are the local people who produce, manufacture or create them. It is therefore very important to us to guarantee these people a fair and social basis of life. Through our moderate and transparent pricing, we enable fair payment of the people on site.

We do everything we can to implement our principles beyond the borders of Germany. We work in a targeted manner with projects and partners for whom nature and climate protection is just as important as it is for us. In accordance with our influence, we support local partners in their resource-saving manufacture and delivery of their products.

Yoga woman on a green meadow