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copper bottles and copper mugs

- the alternative to plastic –

Copper water bottles are a real zero waste alternative. High-quality copper bottles and mugs will last for generations.

Is drinking water from copper bottles healthy?

Yes, it is.

- Why -

Drinking water in a copper bottle is preserved, has significant health benefits and is also highly recommended by Ayurveda and health professionals. Water stored in a copper vessel (referred to in Ayurvedic medicine as a "Tamra Jal") balances the three doshas in the body (vata, pitta and kapha) by gently infusing the water with the beneficial health properties of copper . In addition, the copper water becomes a natural alkaline drinking pleasure and thus balances the pH value of the body.

How does copper work against bacteria?

Copper is a natural resource with great medicinal benefits. Due to its antimicrobial effect, copper is considered a natural disinfectant and puts an end to bacteria and other pathogens. Even the ancient Roman legionnaires kept water in large copper bottles because they knew that this water would not rot. Contact with water releases copper ions. These copper ions attack bacteria by destroying their cell walls. The DNA of the microbe is then also destroyed inside the cell, which leads to the death of the microbe.

What affects the antibacterial effect of the copper in our copper bottle?

Due to the oxygen, the surface changes over time and becomes dark. This discoloration prevents the antimicrobial effect of the copper surface of our copper bottle. We at Aalenaa strongly recommend that you rinse your copper bottle with citric acid before using it for the first time. The dark deposits on your copper bottle are not a quality defect, but a completely normal process. In order to keep the joy and the antibacterial effect of the copper for a long time, Aalenaa advises you to rinse your copper bottle with citric acid well at intervals, either in the form of a fresh lemon or ready-made citric acid, which can be bought in every supermarket. Please do not use any chemical detergent and do not put your copper bottle in the dishwasher. Aalenaa recommends: no dishwasher for copper bottles! At Aalenaa, we have found that neither removes the dark evidence. If you don't have citric acid handy, vinegar will do.

Why a drinking bottle and mug made of copper?

Copper is the only material that has a health-promoting, Ayurvedic effect on the water it contains. The benefits are recommended by Ayurveda as well as health experts.

By gently infusing the water with the beneficial health properties of copper.

Drinking from copper bottles and copper mugs is healthy because the water from copper vessels has an alkaline effect and thus balances the pH of the body.

Health Benefits

Accordingly, copper bottles are natural alkaline water bottles. Studies show that copper has antibacterial properties, is a natural antioxidant, boosts our immune system, promotes health, slows aging, eliminates toxins and stimulates the brain. Our copper bottles are TÜV certified, are made of pure copper and do not contain any toxic metals.

How should the water be stored?

Ayurveda experts recommend storing the drinking water in copper containers overnight, so that small amounts of important trace elements can be transferred into the water. Drinking water from copper drinking bottles supports good health and helps the environment by avoiding single-use plastic bottles! Food-grade, rust-free copper is one of the healthiest and most durable materials on the market.

How are the bottles made?

Our water bottles are handcrafted in the traditional way in India. This makes each copper bottle unique and may also have some imperfections that add to the character of each individual piece.

Which material is used?

The water bottles are made of 99.5% pure, food-grade copper.

How does water taste from a copper bottle?

In fact, it has no metallic taste. The taste is generally perceived as fresh and pure.

Is drinking from copper bottles recommended for copper deficiency?

Drinking from copper water bottles helps alleviate the deficiency. However, if you suffer from a copper deficiency, you should also consult your doctor.

Do Copper Bottles Make Alkaline Water?

Storing water in copper bottles naturally produces alkaline water. The water bottles are, so to speak, natural alkaline water bottles that support a healthy lifestyle.