How does it work?

If you want to send something back, the easiest way is to put the item in an envelope or in the oversized letter box that was supplied with you. stuck Irrespective of the different opening hours of the post office and parcel acceptance points, you can post your parcel with 2.75 euros franked in any mailbox in your area. Please fill out your return form carefully and enclose it with the shipment.

  • name, contact person
  • Street, house number, country, postal code and town
  • Shipment reference no. (order number or order number)
  • So that we can get in touch with you, we ask that you also provide a telephone number and email address.

You can also exercise your right of withdrawal here .

If you have any further questions about returns, you can contact us at any time on number 01792914524 or the to reach.

How can we avoid returns in the long term?

we strive to offer you a first-class shopping experience. We want to reduce returns in the long term. Returns pollute our environment, since the goods have to travel twice as long in transport. The CO2 emissions are enormous. In addition, human resources are scarce, especially at our shippers. There are longer waiting times because the increased shipping volume can no longer be handled by the personnel capacities. Returns are work for you too. Unpacking, packing, taking the package to the post office, plus the disappointment because the goods might not fit. Costs!! With us, too, a return causes work and very high costs. Goods often arrive in poor condition. Goods from a return are very often crumpled up, without a label or outer packaging, often worn, stained, so that we can no longer sell them as new goods and have to dispose of them. In addition, we experience again and again that the return is not accompanied by a protocol, so that we cannot assign it.

We offer you: Contact us: 01792914524

Or write us an email if you are unsure of the size, the material or whatever. We will answer your questions quickly and easily.

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