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Which yoga pants is the right one?

We at Ökoladen Aalenaa have the perfect yoga pants for you. In yoga, your full attention should be on your asanas. The goal of yoga is known to be to bring body and mind into harmony. It is extremely important that your yoga pants fit well. No matter which yoga style you practice, the focus is different. All yoga pants have one thing in common, the seams should follow every movement and the yoga pants should be able to withstand the sometimes extreme loads. Whether leggings, Sohang pants, a kind of harem pants, Mahan pants or wellness pants, good workmanship is important. Cuffs on the stomach should neither pinch nor constrict.

Which leggings is better 3/4 leggings or 7/8 leggings?

We at the Aalenaa Ökoladen recommend short leggings, also known as Capri leggings, for the summer or for sweaty types of yoga, such as Bikram Yoga at up to 40 °C. For gentler yoga, yoga with relaxation or for meditation phases, 7/8 length leggings have the advantage that they warm you up. Many yoginis also prefer 7/8 leggings or capri leggings for sporty yoga, such as Ashtanga yoga or Hatha yoga, because they fit the body nicely. 3/4 leggings or 7/8 leggings give you enough freedom for flowing movements. In overhead positions, nothing can slip.

Yoga leggings, Mahan pants or Sohang pants, when should yoga pants be a little more comfortable?

For meditative hatha yoga, kundalini yoga or meditation, the yoga pants can also be a little more comfortable and wider. If you would like to use the yoga pants for your healing profession, for leisure or wellness, we recommend our Sohang pants, which are a bit reminiscent of harem pants. With its skirt waistband, the Sohang pants are feminine, chic and extremely comfortable. Our Sohang trousers are also completely opaque in white.

If you would like to practice overhead positions with another pair of yoga pants, we recommend our Mahan pants from Aalenaa Ökoladen. Our Mahan pants have a wide cuff in the foot area, which gives you support and doesn't slip.

Why are there yoga pants with a cuff on the leg?

You can also pull the cuffs of the Mahan trousers over your feet to warm them up during meditative Hatha Yoga or Kundalini. This cuff prevents the yoga pants from slipping. Here you have many options for variation.

What materials are Aalenaa's yoga pants made of?

We at Aalenaa Ökoladen offer you sustainable clothing for your yoga, organic cotton or bamboo viscose. Since yoga alternates between quiet relaxation and sporty asanas, it is important that the yoga pants also warm you up. Organic cotton fulfills this task excellently. With us you will find organic clothing made of natural materials for your yoga.