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What is a yoga bra?

A bra is a top that is stylish and fits perfectly during any yoga practice. The bra is a chic, fashionable cropped highlight that gives you a lot of freedom of movement. The Bra by Spirit of Om can be wonderfully adjusted and adjusted with a sewn-in elastic. To do this, simply turn the bra inside out and you will see the adjustable elastic band. Here you can adjust the bra for you so that it sits wonderfully comfortably for you. The bra should not be constricting. Even with inverted postures or complicated asanas, the bra gives you support and doesn't slip. The bra is lined so you can't see anything through. The bra is lightly padded but not bulky. The breathable organic cotton lining ensures a very special feel-good experience on the skin. A light construction made of air-permeable cups is hidden between the layers of the bra.

What are the advantages of the Bra?

  • Perfect fit
  • Feminine design
  • High functionality
  • Perfect breathability thanks to high-quality organic materials
  • Sustainable & pollution-free production

You can wear the bra with the matching yoga leggings, but you can also combine it with plain-colored yoga leggings or yoga pants.

Why are our Bra's special?

Not just the bra, all our yoga pants or yoga shirts come from sustainable and non-toxic manufacturing processes. All yoga pants, yoga shirts or the bra offered by Aalenaa are made of high-quality, soft organic cotton from controlled cultivation. Our manufacturers The Spirit of Om or Breath of Fire only use the finest organic cotton. This organic cotton grows without genetic engineering on fields in areas that are not artificially irrigated. Through a soil-friendly, annual crop rotation and without defoliants, only the ripe capsules are picked by hand from the organic cotton.

In addition to organic cotton, many of the yoga pants, yoga shirts and long sleeves offered by Aalenaa are made of bamboo fibers. The velvety soft and silky bamboo fabric offers an indescribably light and comfortable feel. The soft bamboo viscose fiber is ideal for sporting activities, but also wonderful for everyday use. The breathable bamboo viscose fiber can absorb moisture to a high degree without feeling damp. The fiber gives you a feeling of freshness and prevents odor build-up. The bamboo fiber feels indescribably soft, light and velvety on the skin. In addition, the bamboo fiber is very breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture. The bamboo fiber has an antibacterial effect. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The use of bamboo is very environmentally friendly and sustainable. Bamboo viscose fiber is derived from bamboo grass that grows in a tropical environment without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. A wonderful fiber that does not burden our earth!

How do I wash my bra?

At Aalenaa, we recommend either hand washing at 30° or the gentle program in the washing machine. You should avoid both fabric softener and the dryer. Since most of the fabrics from which the yoga pants, yoga shirts or the bra are made contain elastane, you should not put these parts in the dryer. Here the elastane becomes brittle due to the heat. The fabric softener sticks the high-quality fibers together.