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Worth knowing about singing bowls and singing bowl massage

Singing bowls have been used in the Far East for over 5000 years because of the positive effect they have on people. Singing bowls provide relaxation and can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. The sounds of a singing bowl offer relaxation from everyday stress and work in the same way as meditation and support your yoga.

What is a singing bowl?

A singing bowl is a semi-circular bowl made by hand from brass or bronze, which produces very harmonious tones and vibrations. These can spread very beneficially in our body and reach your subconscious.

What are the areas of application?

You can use the singing bowl for yoga, meditation, singing bowl massage and sound therapy.

How is the singing bowl used?

By using different mallets, such as wood or felt mallets, you can elicit different tones, higher or lower tones, from your singing bowl. You can also rub the edge with a wooden mallet and thus create vibrations.

What is a singing bowl massage?

The singing bowl massage is based on the ancient knowledge of the effects of sounds, which was used in Indian healing therapy more than 5000 years ago. According to Eastern ideas, man was created from sound, ie he is sound. If a person is "in harmony" with himself and his environment, then he is able to shape his life freely and creatively. 

Our bodies are mostly made up of fluids, and we know that water responds to vibrations in patterns. Water is life, liquids are closely related to the health of our nervous system at the cellular level. During a singing bowl massage, singing bowls are placed on the body. The sound waves and the tones created by the attack have a calming effect on the mind.

Tibetan singing bowls can create a type of energy vibration that can help you relieve stress, heal pain or depression, and induce a deep sense of peace, well-being, and better health. For centuries, Indian and Tibetan people have practiced sound healing and consciousness transformation with singing bowls. They are an essential aid to meditation and can be found in temples, monasteries and meditation halls around the world.

How does a singing bowl unfold its healing sound?

Before a singing bowl can unfold its effect, the correct handling must be learned. There are basically two ways to use a singing bowl:

Rubbing the outside of the singing bowl. Here the outside and the edge of the singing bowl is circled with the help of the mallet or mallet. The singing bowl begins to "sing". It is important to hold the singing bowl in the left palm and the racket in the right hand. Circle the bowl clockwise.

Knocking or striking the shell. You hold the singing bowl in the palm of your hand or place it on a stable surface. Now hit the singing bowl lightly from the outside. The sound will linger for several seconds. You can also hit the singing bowl several times in succession to let a rhythmic song sound.

How does the singing bowl work?

The effect of singing bowls can range from improving the immune system and balancing the chakras to reducing stress and anxiety. When the gong or the “Ooommmm” of the singing bowl sounds, concentration increases. As sound is a very powerful medium, maybe even the strongest of all, as it changes our mind into 2 states of consciousness, a deep relaxation occurs. Dopamine, the happiness messenger, is released. Since our body consists of 80% water, the vibrations can penetrate deep into the tissue. This results in deep relaxation. Blockages, tension and pain dissolve.

Singing bowls will certainly make your yoga exercises an unforgettable experience. Try it yourself. Have fun!