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Singing bowl in the box purple

Singing bowl in the box purple

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Singing bowl in the box: purple

Chakra Singing Bowls Singing bowls are used for sound massage.

The harmonious sounds with their fine vibrations cause a soothing relaxation in the body. It appeals to body, mind and soul. It causes deep relaxation, strengthens the original trust and makes it easier to "let go" and thus strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation. With its warm tone, it dissolves blockages and tension very well.

For the singing bowl massage or singing bowl therapy, the bowl is placed on the body and struck. The sounds are transmitted to the whole body. Singing bowl therapy is known for activating and mobilizing the self-healing powers. The singing bowl is placed and struck on the chakra that is to be strengthened. Blockages are released and the properties associated with the respective chakra are strengthened. The singing bowl is delivered with a beater, cushion and in a beautiful gift box. Singing bowls are handmade in small workshops in Tibet. They are unique, no bumps are wanted and a sign of individual craftsmanship. Each color represents a chakra. Red (root chakra) Orange (sacral chakra) Yellow (solar plexus chakra) Green (heart chakra) Blue (throat chakra) Indigo (brow chakra) Violet (crown chakra)

Material: a brass alloy (singing bowls consist of an alloy of 12 metals) with a colored coating

Clapper: wood

scope of delivery

•Singing Bowl

•clapper (beater)


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