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New wool yoga mats

Why a new wool yoga mat?

Our yoga mat made of virgin wool with natural latex is perfect for Kundalini and meditation. The new wool ensures pleasant warmth and a soft feeling when sitting or lying on the yoga mat. The natural latex offers a non-slip surface that gives you stability and security during your exercises. The mat is also very durable and easy to care for. With this yoga mat you can fully concentrate on your practice and find your inner peace. Try it!

What are the advantages of virgin wool?

New wool comes from living animals. New wool is obtained from the animals once or twice. Shearing is particularly pleasant for the sheep in spring, on the one hand because the temperatures are higher, but also because the fibers of the wool are stronger and longer in spring. New wool is a natural, environmentally friendly and renewable raw material. New wool is usually free of chemicals and harmful substances.

The yoga mat made of new wool is breathable and moisture-absorbing
In contrast to synthetic fabrics, where you usually sweat uncomfortably very quickly, new wool allows the skin to breathe. New wool absorbs moisture very effectively inside the fiber. The material can even absorb up to 33% of its dry weight in water without feeling damp. The water vapor is then simply transported outwards by the wool fabric.

The yoga mat made of new wool has a temperature-regulating effect, which means that new wool is both warming and cooling
In the indigenous peoples, new wool is referred to as an air conditioner for the body because it optimally regulates the temperature of us humans. The curled fibers of the new wool create air pockets that insulate well. For this reason, yoga mats made of new wool are particularly popular in winter, because they keep the skin pleasantly warm and insulate against the cold outside. This is very pleasant, especially with meditation or Kundalini. At the same time, wool also has a temperature-regulating effect when it is warm and ensures that you do not sweat on the yoga mat made of new wool. The perfect mixture for every climate!
The yoga mat made of new wool is water and dirt-repellent
Thanks to the wool fat lanolin, sheep do not get completely soaked when it rains. It repels water and dirt, which is also extremely practical with the new wool yoga mat. Wool products, such as the yoga mat made from new wool, do not pick up dirt that easily and are very easy to care for. Instead of washing it regularly, it is usually sufficient to simply leave the new wool yoga mat out in the fresh air for a while.

The new wool yoga mat neutralizes odors
A major advantage over synthetic fibers is that new wool does not absorb unpleasant odors such as sweat so easily. On the contrary, new wool neutralizes odors and quickly releases them into the environment. If you start sweating despite meditative yoga, that's no problem.

The new wool yoga mat is a durable and durable material.
The fibers of new wool are particularly elastic, which makes the new wool very solid and special in its properties. It is extremely colourfast, new wool does not fade even in strong sunlight and retains its shape. New wool is very difficult to ignite.

How do I care for my new wool yoga mat?

It is not advisable to wash a new wool yoga mat in the washing machine. In the washing machine, the new wool felts very easily. The yoga mat made of new wool should only be washed by hand in cold water, if at all, and you should definitely avoid using high temperatures, fabric softener, dryer or spin cycle.

After washing your yoga mat made of new wool, you should not treat the wool too roughly, do not wring it out, but simply squeeze it out in a terry towel and then let it air dry. In this way, you can enjoy your new wool yoga mat for a long time.

Tip : Not only humans, but also moths enjoy new wool. To protect against moths, we therefore recommend laying lavender soap on the new wool yoga mat when you are resting.

For which yoga do you use yoga mats made of new wool?

Our yoga mat made from 100% virgin wool with a natural latex underlay is a perfect companion for Kundalini and meditation. The mat is extra thick, making it a perfect part of your yoga practice. It offers high slip resistance and allows you to have a deep connection with the ground. Thanks to the soft material, the mat adapts to the shape of the body and offers maximum comfort. The material also absorbs sweat and keeps the body dry while you exercise. The natural latex base protects the yoga mat from wear and tear and increases its durability. This yoga mat invites you to a meditative experience that will surely remain unforgettable!

Thanks to the natural latex underside, the new wool yoga mat is also a non-slip yoga mat. The only disadvantage of yoga mats made from new wool is that they do not have any cushioning properties. Yoga mats made of new wool are also relatively heavy, weighing 2 kg.