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Why is sustainable clothing important?

We at Ökoladen Aalenaa would like to give you a little insight into why it is so important to pay attention to good yoga clothing. We would like to introduce you to the most important sustainable materials here, as well as our manufacturers The Spirit of Om and Breath of Fire.

For us at Ökoladen Aalenaa, it is a matter of the heart to offer natural organic clothing. We at Ökoladen Aalenaa make sure that our manufacturers only use sustainable, environmentally friendly, carefully selected raw materials for their organic clothing. A sustainable and pollutant-free production, as well as the highest possible organic quality for our sustainable clothing is important to us.

What do we at Aalenaa understand by the long life principle?

We offer our yoga clothing under the long-life concept. This means that we offer organic clothing and sustainable clothing in a high organic quality. We want you to enjoy your yoga clothes for a long time. With the Long Life principle, we at Aalenaa understand that you can buy your favorite items all year round, regardless of the season, just as you need them. At Aalenaa, we understand the long-life principle as meaning that we prefer to buy less, but wear the yoga clothing for as long as possible and feel comfortable doing it.

We want to give you positive energy with our organic clothing. Therefore, at Aalenaa we offer energetic and sustainable clothing. Bio energetics and the teachings of Feng Shui have a great influence on the well-being and energy of people. Those who feel good also have more strength for the tasks of the day. With energetic clothing we lay the foundation for a positive charisma. The flower of life, no loving affirmations, chakra symbols, the lotus and much more should ensure more concentration and balance. Small gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst or tourmaline are sewn into most of our sustainable clothing items. These should strengthen your well-being of body, mind and soul.

Where can you wear our sustainable clothing?

You can use our sustainable clothing and our organic clothing for your yoga, fitness or gymnastics, but also in your free time, for wellness or if you work in a healing profession. We have white clothing from Breath ofe Fire and The Spirit of Om for your Kundalini. The Mahan pants, the Sohang pants from the Swiss label Breath of Fire are very comfortable. Figure-hugging leggings and the wellness trousers come from The Spirit of Om.

What materials do we offer at Aalenaa?

What are the advantages of organic cotton?

Organic cotton: this comes from organic farming. Organic cotton grows without genetic engineering. Since sufficient precipitation falls in the areas favorable for organic cotton, artificial irrigation can be dispensed with. Organic cotton is picked by hand, so there is no need for chemical defoliants with organic cotton. Since the organic cotton is hand-picked, only ripe pods are harvested, so the ripe pods are of excellent quality for subsequent processing in sustainable clothing and organic clothing.

comes from organic farming
grows without genetic engineering
is picked by hand
Excellent quality
No chemical defoliants
Suitable for allergy sufferers

What are the advantages of bamboo viscose?

Bamboo viscose: The velvety soft and silky bamboo fiber offers an indescribably light and comfortable feel. The soft bamboo fiber made of pure bamboo is ideal for sports activities, but also wonderful for everyday life. The breathable bamboo fiber can absorb moisture to a high degree without feeling damp. The bamboo fiber has an antibacterial effect and gives a feeling of freshness and prevents odors from forming. The bamboo fiber feels indescribably soft and velvety on the skin. In addition, the bamboo fiber is very breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The use of bamboo is very environmentally friendly and sustainable. Bamboo fiber Exact name: Bamboo viscose is made from bamboo grass that grows in a tropical environment without fertilizers and pesticides. A wonderful fiber that does not burden our earth!

light and comfortable to wear
velvety touch and silky shine
absorbs a lot of moisture
has an antibacterial effect
prevents odor formation
fastest growing plants on earth
Bamboo is very environmentally friendly and sustainable
Grows without fertilizers and pesticides
very breathable

What are the advantages of modal?

Modal: Modal is made from 100% beech wood pulp. Modal has a wonderful shimmer and feel. The beech wood fiber is incredibly durable and very soft. Modal is characterized by an extremely high liquid absorption.

Obtained from pure cellulose from beech wood
Dimensionally stable and quick-drying
cooling effect
Elastic and durable material
Absorbent, robust and very durable
Falls loosely and fluently
Purely plant-based, vegan
Has a silky sheen
Feels very soft

What are the advantages of virgin wool?

Virgin wool: Virgin wool is from Merino sheep. New wool has a warming effect. New wool is self-cleaning and gentle on the skin. Virgin wool is free from harmful substances and chemicals. New wool is antistatic and very soft. It is temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating. New wool is the oldest material used for textile production. Virgin wool is antibacterial and incredibly durable. It is dirt-repellent and easily compostable.

has a warming effect
temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating
easily compostable
incredibly durable
is free of harmful substances and chemicals
antistatic and very soft, self-cleaning and gentle on the skin

What are the advantages of linen?

Linen: is obtained from the fibers of flax. Linen is very breathable and very cooling on hot days. Linen allows the skin to breathe wonderfully. Linen is stain-resistant and resistant to germs. Linen has a cooling effect on the skin.

very air permeable
resistant to germs
very cooling on hot days
allows the skin to breathe wonderfully
cooling effect on the skin

What are the advantages of hemp fiber?

Sustainable clothing made from hemp is very trendy. The hemp fiber has an ancient tradition as a crop. The hemp plant is undemanding to the soil and gets by with very little water. Hemp cultivation does not require any pesticides, herbicides, pesticides or insecticides. Hemp grows very quickly. All parts of the hemp can be used. Hemp is sustainable. Hemp has been forgotten for many years and is now finding a permanent place in organic clothing again. Hemp is ideal for people with very sensitive skin and people with allergies. The hemp fiber is very robust, durable and extremely hard-wearing. Hemp doesn't tear. Hemp is antimicrobial, resistant to bacteria. The hemp fiber is very breathable. Hemp warms in winter, cools in summer and offers optimal climate regulation. Hemp is extremely easy to care for. Hemp therefore needs to be washed less often.

Needs to be washed less often
warms in winter, cools in summer
very robust, resistant and extremely hard-wearing
for people with very sensitive skin, for allergy sufferers
very breathable
does not tear
grows very fast
all parts are used
Hemp plant is undemanding
does not require any pesticides