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CD Expansion by Shai Tubali - Expansion-White Light-Meditation

CD Expansion by Shai Tubali - Expansion-White Light-Meditation

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Fundamental White Light Meditation in 3 Easy Steps!

"A method that allows you to break through the limits of the mind - to heal emotional wounds, make clear decisions and experience deep meditative states." - Shai Tubali.

The feeling of narrowing and limitation is suffering, the feeling of expansion and limitlessness is bliss. Through the three guided meditations on this CD you will experience the power of expansion. They were developed by Shai Tubali, a spiritual teacher from Israel, and are spoken by Sabine Kuschel. After introductory explanations of the basics, you will embark on a journey through three levels of meditation. You start by expanding a positive emotion. When you feel comfortable with this, you can move on to a deeper meditation in which you expand an idea. Finally, you can surrender to Who Am I? meditation, the deepest expansion of all. 1. Introduction to the Expansion Principle (12:40) 2. Expansion of a positive emotion (24:19) 3. Expansion of an idea or essence (21:16) 4. Expansion of the question "Who am I?" (20:45) Understand, experience and master the process of spiritual expansion. The booklet provides answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions. Total running time 79 minutes!

Author : Shai Tubali, an international author and lecturer based in Berlin, traveled to India in the 1990s and studied meditative techniques for years before developing the White Light Method. He has published more than 20 books on consciousness development in German, English and Hebrew.

Running time approx. 79 minutes

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