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Wall hanging flower of life violet

Wall hanging flower of life violet

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Tapestry Yantra

Yantras are graphic representations and figures with ritual/spiritual meaning. Yantras are also ritual diagrams, derived from Tantrism and Hinduism, and are widely used in meditation as representations of the divine. Characteristic of a yantra are the geometric figure, 2 circles with lotus leaves and the outer enclosure (the walls). The yantras translate to "preserve/protect". The external objects of the power symbols are for the worship of the divine. Yantras as wall decorations can harmonize and energize our environment and stimulate our spiritual growth. The Yantras as a wall hanging are also a great support for non-medical practitioners or in physiotherapy.

Here is how the yantras can help us:

- to beautify our living space and workplace

- to improve the room climate and the flow of energy (feng shui).

- in relaxation, meditation and healing

- in the decoration of yoga and fitness studios, practice rooms, seminar rooms, physiotherapy rooms, entrance areas of shops and at parties.

Yantras come in different sizes and with different symbols. The yantra has a cavity at the top and bottom for bamboo poles, for example. Also 4 eyelets for wall mounting. (Scope of delivery without bamboo poles). The yantras are made of 100% cotton and their power symbols are printed in gold on the respective colors.

What power symbols are there:

Flower of Life:

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol of sacred geometry in the golden ratio. The flower of life is a symbol of infinity, perfect order, infinite love and perfect harmony. The flower of life gives harmony and peace for body, mind and soul, negative vibrations can be transformed with their help. Due to the exact order, the flower of life is said to transform negative vibrations and strengthen positive vibrations. These are supported by the flower of life on jewelry, clothing, but also by a wall hanging when meditating. The flower of life also creates a protective ring against electrosmog, geopathic disturbance zones or water veins, for example through a wall hanging, and transforms these harmful energetic vibrations. The effect of the flower of life lies between science and spirituality, as the effect cannot be 100% proven. Even if the effect of the Flower of Life cannot be scientifically proven, the perfect pattern of the Flower of Life has a very calming effect.

Sri Yantra:

One of the oldest, purest and most powerful symbols is the Sri Yantra. It contains 9 intertwined triangles, 4 of which represent Shiva and 5 represent Shakti. It is a 12,000 year old mystical symbol that is considered the "mother of all yantra". With the help of his powers, our wishes should come true and our lives should change for the better. Sri Yantra is designed to balance our chakras, which are also known as our energy centers in the body. It is said to bring us peace, strength and success.


This yantra symbolizes the cosmic plan, promotes intuitive understanding and is the emblem of the higher order of the universe. The Metatron brings us into contact with the intelligence of the heart, our intuition, with love and compassion. The Yantra contains 5 platonic solids, such as tetrahedron, dodekehedron, etc.

Care instructions:

Ironing is only possible from the back, not too hot and moisten a little. Don't wash - just clean!

Regular shaking prevents premature contamination.

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