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ORGANIC SPIRULINA 180 g, approx. 360 capsules (vegan)

ORGANIC SPIRULINA 180 g, approx. 360 capsules (vegan)

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contains vitamins A*, B1* and B12* which are important for**

Your iron and energy metabolism
your eyesight your heart functions
Their neurological and psychological functions
Your immune system the reduction of tiredness and fatigue the formation of red blood cells/haemoglobin
Your homocysteine ​​metabolism

* see product information ** these statements cannot be transferred to Spirulinas from other manufacturers.

In the Andes of South America, at an altitude of over 2500 meters, surrounded by volcanoes with more than 5500 m, the new INKA-SPIRULINA are grown according to our specifications. In a large-scale comparative study (see our FUTURELETTER 06/2016) we have determined the best raw materials for you and optimized them based on our experience. This is how the quality INKA SPIRULINA SUPERIOR was created with an excellent nutrient profile optimized for BLUEGREEN, in which the high content of iron and beta-carotene is particularly worth mentioning. The activity of the vital enzyme superoxide dismutase is also higher than in many of the other Spirulina varieties we tested and allows conclusions to be drawn about gentle processing. The sun-kissed, energetic spirulina microalgae ensure that your body only gets the best that pure nature has to offer.

BLUEGREEN SPIRULINA, nature's green power plant, is of unsurpassed quality for the comprehensive supply of all vital nutrients and trace elements.

Ideal for all ages.

360 capsules

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