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Cadus glass carafe with lid 1.5 L

Cadus glass carafe with lid 1.5 L

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Cadus glass carafe 1.5 l with lid and precious stones

Why gemstone water?

The idea and the belief that healing powers can reign in precious stones goes far back into antiquity. The gemstones consist of trace elements and minerals, most of which can be found in our body. The gemstones are said to have constructive, strengthening, healing or healing energies. The energy of the gemstones is said to be transferred to the water and can be absorbed directly into the human body. In contrast to wearing them on the body, drinking noble water can optimally reach the healing effect of the stones on the internal organs.

The Cadus jug is a handcrafted glass carafe with precious stones. In its shape, which is tailored to the golden section, there is a bulge in the bottom for inserting precious stones. The magnifying glass effect of the water brings out the beauty of the precious stones. The biological value and good taste of all the liquids it contains are also great features. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the jug also serves as a noble decorative element for your home.


The glass used for the glass carafe with lid consists of quartz sand and 40% recycled white glass.

The water carafe is 100% recyclable because it consists exclusively of natural basic materials such as lime, quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay which are ecologically produced. The carafes are made in Europe, taking into account the old art of glassmaking and thus maintaining old traditions.

Tips/care instructions : Deposits in the glass are best removed with warm water and a little citric acid, rinse for about 1 hour (do not use the citric acid on the outside of the symbol).

Production: Mouth-blown, according to the old art of glassmaking

Capacity: 1.5 liters
Precious stones: amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal
Including: glass lid
  • Dimensions: height = 26 cm (with lid) 24 cm (without lid)  diameter 11 cm
  • Dimensions of the gem tray (internal dimensions): 4 cm, height = 3.5 cm
  • Basic material free of lead
  • there is a bulge on the bottom for inserting the gems
  • the water brings out the beauty of the precious stones through the magnifying glass effect.
  • suitable for cold and lukewarm drinks
  • Suitable up to 70°C/ 158°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 0.755kg

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