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Chlorella pellets, 420 pellets

Chlorella pellets, 420 pellets

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Bluegreen Chlorella *

contains 26% and more of the daily requirement of important vitamins and iron for

o Your immune system
o the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion
o the transport of oxygen in the blood
o the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin
o Your iron and energy metabolism
o Your homocysteine ​​metabolism
o your eyesight
o Your skin and mucous membranes

*These statements cannot be transferred to chlorellas from other manufacturers.

Support your well-being!

BLUEGREEN CHLORELLA is a real chlorophyll bomb to supplement your daily diet, because the chlorella green alga is one of the most chlorophyll-rich creatures on earth. Chlorophyll is the substance that can pass stored solar energy directly to humans through diet. BLUEGREEN CHLORELLA supports the physical cleansing and detoxification processes and is particularly good at binding heavy metals and environmental toxins. Compacts without additives and binders.

105 g, approx. 420 pellets of 250 mg each
Basic price: EUR 24.95 / 100 g


per 100g daily portion per 3.5g (14 pellets) % of rec. Daily amount according to LMIV
calorific value

1586 kj / 377 kcal 13 kcal / 56 kj 0.7% Fat
hereof: saturated fatty acids
2.5g 0.3g
of which sugars
protein 61.7g 2.2g 4.4% Salt 0.1g 0.003g only 0.04% fiber 10.5g 0.4g bread units 0.8 0.03
Vitamins, vital substances and minerals

iron 104 mg 3.6 mg 26%
ß-carotene 40.1 mg 1.4 mg 29%
Vitamin B12 100mcg 3.5mcg 350%
chlorophyll 3-4g 100-140mg no
lutein 135 mg 4.7 mg no
The analysis values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.

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