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CD The Miracle of Gratitude - How Appreciation Transforms Life by Manfred Mohr

CD The Miracle of Gratitude - How Appreciation Transforms Life by Manfred Mohr

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The Miracle of Gratitude - How Appreciation Transforms Life

Author : After the death of his wife Bärbel, bestselling author and coach Manfred Mohr decided to continue working together. He started with "The Miracle of Gratitude", an important step for him and his children and a loving commitment to everyone who has to overcome a difficult situation.

Running time : 3 hours and 26 minutes
3 CDs in Digifile
Type : Authorized Reading

Appreciate life - and it will bring you happiness! This is the miracle of gratitude. Because gratitude is an important key to a fulfilling life. Anyone who cultivates them directs their attention away from everything that hurts, doesn't work and doesn't please them to what life gives them every day: the beauty of a moment, the touching encounter with another person. In his new bestseller, Manfred Mohr goes one step further: he shows very personally how he draws new strength after the painful loss of his wife Bärbel by looking back gratefully at the time spent together instead of getting stuck in the pain.

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