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Book The Green Magic Potion by Victoria Boutenko

Book The Green Magic Potion by Victoria Boutenko

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The Green Magic Potion - by Victoria Boutenko

Publisher: Hans Nietsch Verlag

Illustrated in four colors throughout by Katya Korobkina
56 pages, bound

Victoria Boutenko is known around the world as a pioneer in the field of "healthy eating". With her innovation of blending greens (such as wild herbs, the leaves of vegetables and salads, etc.) together with fruits in a blender into a green smoothie, she has it gives many people the opportunity to eat better without having to follow complicated dietary regulations.

Everyone who tries green smoothies experiences how it gently and almost magically leads to a more conscious and healthier way of eating. Today it is crucial, especially for children, to familiarize them with the advantages of a living, wholesome diet.

In her children's book, lovingly illustrated by Katya Korobkina, Victoria Boutenko tells the exciting story of six-year-old Nick, who discovers how to eat in a way that keeps him healthy and happy. The boy learns that green leaves are the best food and realizes that you can eat almost anything that green nature has to offer. He learns about the wonderful process by which plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight, creating food for humans. His parents show him how to make green smoothies in the blender and he loves it because not only do they taste delicious, but he feels they give him the energy to grow big and strong like an oak tree.

Green smoothies are an important and tasty part of a healthy, lively diet, especially for children.
If you want to inspire children to learn more about green plants and their importance for our well-being, this book is the right choice.

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