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Fragrance lamp/incense burner Lucerna, 2 parts

Fragrance lamp/incense burner Lucerna, 2 parts

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Fragrance lamp Lucerna


The mouth-blown fragrance lamp made of satined glass with a hand-made Swiss pine base is a real eye-catcher. It is decorated with the beautiful flower of life and ensures perfect harmony. The fragrance lamp has a heat-resistant incense burner, so that a longer, continuous and gentler evaporation of the essential oils contained follows. The harmoniously designed shape and the unique combination of incense burner and aroma lamp promise complete relaxation and comfort. Contains the incense mix Relax.



The fragrance lamp consists of a translucent clear glass that has been made opaque by surface treatment. This is how the frosted glass with its smooth surface is created, which is far less susceptible to fingerprints and dirt. The handmade base of the fragrance lamp consists of natural stone pine, which is also known as Swiss stone pine, stone pine, Arve. The Swiss stone pine is a plant species from the pine family that is native to the Alps or the Carpathians. In aromatherapy, the stone pine has proven itself for colds and muscle complaints.


application and effect

The heat-resistant glass incense bowl with the flower of life is filled with the enclosed incense mixture. Alternatively, aromatic oils can also be used. The fragrance lamp works with the help of a tea light. The essential oils contained in the dry fragrance mixture are now continuously and gently evaporated. The pine wood coaster supports with its natural healing powers, in that the pine wood cleans the room air, reduces sensitivity to the weather and has a stress-relieving effect. Pine wood can stabilize the circulation and ensure a rested and restful feeling. The onion wood can give us protection and strength in challenging life situations.

Incense blend Relax

The incense consists of 100% natural ingredients such as frankincense, cedar wood, lavender, lemon peel, sandalwood, ginger and juniper berries. You won't find any chemicals or synthetics in the incense blend. The incense Relax contains a pleasantly fresh, balsamic-sweet to herbaceous lavender smell with a resinous-woody scent of incense mixed with the spicy depth of cedar wood and the aromatic, warm citrus note of ginger.



The fragrance lamp should always be kept in a safe, fireproof and stable position. Never leave the candle unattended and never unattended with pets or children.


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