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The Spirit of OM

Gemstone mala rose

Gemstone mala rose

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Mala chains incl. cloth bag

What is a mala?

A mala is a meditation necklace that accompanies you on your spiritual path. The malas have been worn and cherished by Buddhists and Hindus for thousands of years. The term mala means a meditation wreath, which was given by ancient yoga masters to their students during special rituals to show them the way to enlightenment. The necklaces are made from traditional, special materials and are used to support Japa meditation. In Japa meditation, a specific affirmation or mantra is said aloud and repeated over and over. So that the meditators do not miscount when repeating, the mala chain supports as a kind of counting aid. This brings the meditator into a deeper meditation and the resulting energy is transferred directly to the chain and stored.


The mala chains consist of 108 beads, gemstones and sandalwood and the extra bead. In addition to the main stones rose quartz, sodalite, carnelian and aventurine, the malas also consist of sandalwood (warmth, calm, peace), snow quartz (purity, diversity, balance) and orange calcite (self-confidence, joie de vivre, creativity).

The number 108 is a special number in Buddhism and Hinduism. Our body should have 108 energy channels and only after 108 repetitions should the mantra unfold its effect.

The so-called extra bead is also called the guru bead, which means “bindu” when translated. The guru bead marks the start and end of the meditation. The guru bead is usually offset and consists of a special material. It serves to calm the flow of the remaining pearls. On the guru bead you will find a tassel or similar decoration. The tassel unites all threads and bundles the energy. It is the reminder that everything is connected.

At points 27, 54, 55 and 81 beads of different sizes or textures are often used. They serve as a kind of compass for the meditator, they feel how many repetitions have already been done and how long the meditation will last.

How do I wear a mala necklace?

Traditionally, the mala chain was used as a prayer chain. But regardless of your religion and lifestyle, it serves as a reminder of your positive intentions. Just wearing the chain has a calming and effective effect on you. A mala is not just a chic piece of jewelry, but a companion on your way to more serenity, calm and a positive life. Lay it down at the head of your mat during yoga, let the mala charge with your energy from the yoga practice.


People report subconsciously playing with their fingers on the beads while wearing the necklace and that they feel a feeling of warmth. This is the energetic effect of the pearls, which interact with the energy of your body. The pearls are designed to absorb and store your body's energy, while at the same time giving off a small amount of their energy. The mala necklaces are therefore very personal and not suitable for swapping.



Rose quartz : gives you love, connectedness, self-love and harmony. It has a calming effect on your heart, strengthens your relationship and harmonizes body, mind and soul.

Snow Quartz: stands for calm, purity, peace and clear thinking. He encourages you to live truly and sincerely. It supports you with its clarifying powers and promotes your inner wisdom, balance and mindfulness.

Sandalwood: has a warming, calming effect on the body and mind. It strengthens your inner center and your self-confidence and harmonises. It conveys understanding, joy and openness.

Orange calcite: promotes joie de vivre, self-confidence, intuition and optimism. It has a calming, connecting and enlightening effect.

Aventurine: brings you harmony and relaxation. It helps you to regenerate your strength and supports you in your serenity and creative power. It promotes openness, tolerance, friendship and cordiality.

Sodalite: helps you stay true to yourself, find balance and find your truth. He can dissolve blockages, strengthen your self-confidence and promote your talent.

Carnelian: can enhance positive energies. It gives you courage, stability, vitality and strength. It supports you in your zest for life and strengthens your sense of community.

Care: Remove the mala when showering and bathing. You can put the chain in a glass of water with environmentally friendly soap and possibly some care oil, e.g.: sandalwood oil. Let the chain soak for 10 minutes and remove any dirt with a soft, small brush. You can also soak the crystals and then use your fingers to remove dirt. Trim the ends with small scissors and brush with a comb. Let dry and use again.

Length: approx. 50 cm including the tassel. Pearls: ? 6mm

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