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gem mix

gem mix

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gem mix You can easily test for yourself that the taste of the water actually changes as a result of the gemstones. Take two glasses of regular tap water. Put our gemstone mixture into one and place the glasses at a distance (approx. 1 m) from each other in a warm room. The next day you will already notice a difference in taste between the waters. This proves the effectiveness for us. We only use high quality for our gemstone mixtures (no artificially colored stones, which are unfortunately often available), which means we only use uncut natural stones. In the case of rock crystal and amethyst, even grown natural tips are used. This is the optimal gemstone base mixture to make gemstone water from your tap water. Only gemstones of high, grown, unpolished quality are used. To do this, simply place the gemstones in a jug with water and leave the gemstones to soak in the water overnight. Care of the gems For cleaning, the gemstones should be washed thoroughly under running water every few days. The pitcher should also be cleaned. Every 3-4 weeks the stones should be placed on a wooden base in the sun for a few hours. Production of gemstone water If possible, use untreated tap, spring or mineral water in a jug (1-2 liters). Thoroughly wash your gemstones under running water and pour the whole mixture into the pitcher of water. It is best to leave the water covered overnight. The next day you can drink the gemstone water throughout the day or use it to prepare tea, coffee or food. You can also mix our gemstone mixtures with each other. Listen to your body for which mixtures are best for you. safety notice Since splinters can come loose from natural stones, please always strain the gemstone water (e.g. coffee filter).

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