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Fleur de Sal

Fleur de Sal

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Fleur de Sel - "the flower of salt" or also called the queen of salts. sea ​​does not work!

This special sea salt is only produced under very special weather conditions and with a lot of elaborate manual work. The sun must shine and it must not be too windy - this is the only way for the fleur de sel to settle as a wafer-thin layer on the water surface. The small crystals and plates are laboriously skimmed off by hand with wooden shovels and dried in the sun. The salt remains completely untreated. The mineral content corresponds to that of the Portuguese sea. Since only the real "flower of salt" is harvested and not the much coarser, deeper-lying sea salt, the fleur de sel is very fine and flaky - the consistency can be compared to fine frozen snow... Important: unfortunately "fleur de sel" is no protected term. Inexpensive merchandise often consists of salt, which is not so laboriously extracted. Seawater is usually evaporated in large pools. The much coarser and much wetter salt is then unfortunately also offered at a lower price under the term Fleur de Sel. Our salt comes from the Atlantic coast of Portugal (flor de sal)

Taste: delicately salty with a very special texture / a special "mouthfeel" - the salt melts on the tongue like a snowflake...

Application: fine table and/ table salt! Speak to the finish at the table and NOT for the pasta water!!! For carpaccios, salads, steaks, BBQ, fish, meat or tofu, whenever a little fine seasoning is missing and on Sundays for the breakfast egg...

Packaging: spice jar with lid Dimensions: diameter approx. 60 mm, height approx. 55

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