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Hair Color - LAKSHMI / HAZELNUT (100g)

Hair Color - LAKSHMI / HAZELNUT (100g)

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Mixture of herbs for an intense and natural color result. Gives the hair radiant shine and volume.


Wash hair thoroughly with laSaponaria's natural shampoo for color preparation. Do not use shampoos with silicone or other film-forming ingredients to avoid damaging the color effect.

Put on gloves and mix the color powder in a bowl with lukewarm water (approx. 40 degrees). Add water until you get a smooth, even batter. The paste must be neither too liquid nor too thick to be able to apply it perfectly. The amount of powder to be used depends on the length of the hair. The areas to be colored must be completely covered.

Apply the paste thus obtained to washed, still damp hair, without allowing the mixture to cool. Divide the hair into strands and distribute them along the length of the hair, starting at the root. Then cover the hair with foil and wrap it in a towel to retain the heat. Leave on for between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The longer the exposure time, the more intense and opaque the color result.

After the exposure time, rinse the hair with lukewarm water without using shampoo or balm. If necessary, rinse again with cold water and a hydrosol to fix the color better and to close the roughened hair dandruff. Do not treat the hair with any other products for at least 24 hours.

Natural reflections and long-lasting color for radiantly healthy hair

This hair color does not contain any chemical substances, so it has no lightening effect. The shade obtained may vary depending on the original hair color, hair structure and application (exposure time and temperature). Before dyeing gray or light blond hair, it is always advisable to pre-dye with a light shade and then carry out the second dye immediately afterwards.

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