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Hahnemann's Legacy

Hahnemann's Legacy

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Hahnemann's Legacy

Hahnemann's Legacy is the world's first novel to delve into the realm of homeopathy. In the vein of "Perfume", the story recounts an anti-hero - Tinor MùMille – genius and fanatic – describing his life, much like that of the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, and his research around healing using ethereal potencies. Skilfully interlaced with history and with historically accurate research, the reader learns a great deal about the history of medicine, how it arrived from Arabia to the Sorrento Coast in Italy, reaching the Benedictine monks on Montecassino and how after 1921 homeopathy had spread to all corners of the globe: Tinor MùMille is born in 1921 into impoverished conditions at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy. Living in a dysfunctional family, unloved and himself affected by a seemingly incurable illness, this redhead becomes an outsider; a child whose only solace was to be found traipsing barefoot in the ruins of Pompeii and in his beloved natural surroundings at the Sorrento Coast. But soon it becomes clear that Tinor is a highly-gifted boy – skipping several school grades with lightning speed. By way of thanks to his benefactors, he studies medicine in Rome and is then celebrated in the media as Italy's youngest doctor. Yet to the consternation of his mentors, Tinor now makes the first decision in his own life to date – to become a homoeopathist ... In his old age, his reputation leads him to become a lecturer at the Homeopathic University in New York. Here, he performs his last task, inconceivable ...

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