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Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge scented candle in a glass

Juniper Ridge scented candle in a glass

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Juniper Ridge scented candle in a glass

The scent of Juniper Ridge is the scent of the wilderness, the untouched nature, the vastness of California's west coast. Juniper Ridge - this is the scent of the enchanting redwood forests with their breathtaking sequoias, deep gorges and the waterfalls that slowly spread their fine mist on the lush, fresh forests with their green succulent herbs, bark and mosses.


The scented candle in a glass is made from Juniper Ridge essential oils. These are steam distilled and made from sustainably harvested and upcycled plants. The scented candle in a glass is made from high-quality, natural soy and coconut wax. The cotton wick ensures a long burn time and an even scent made from 100% natural ingredients. The basis of the hand-filled and sustainable products are natural, essential oils. Treat yourself to a break from everyday life and enjoy the soothing scent of our Juniper Ridge scented candles in a glass.


The scented candle in a glass is perfect as a gift for friends and family or as a special highlight to relax. Enjoy the natural scents and create a relaxed atmosphere. The candle comes in a stylish jar.

Burns about 40 hours.

Do not burn this scented candle in a glass for more than 4 hours at a time. The vessel will be hot when the candle is lit, so allow to cool before lighting again. Never leave the burning candle unattended. Keep out of the reach of children, pets and combustible materials.

For best results with each use, trim the wick to ¼ inch and allow the wax to melt evenly.

Scented Candle in Glass Cascade Forest is the intoxicating scent of the breathtaking forests, with its fir and pine trees around Mount Hood volcano, the highest mountain in the Cascade chain.

The Cascade Forest is an absolute must-have for anyone looking for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. With its delightful scent reminiscent of the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, it creates a warm and heartfelt mood. The scents of fir and pine, let your thoughts escape to the high altitudes with the freshest air on earth.

Reminiscent of the mist-shrouded redwood forests of Northern California, Redwood Mist takes you to the redwoods and gently rippling rivers where the world's tallest trees meet the Pacific Ocean. The scented candle in the glass exudes a gentle scent that welcomes you and gives you a feeling of security.

The Coastal Pine perfume is the perfect choice to fill the room with a touch of nature and freshness. The scent of pine needles, moss and ferns immerses you in the foggy coastal forests of California. With these essential oils and the breath of fresh sea air you can dream yourself into this beautiful landscape and leave everyday life behind you.

All Juniper Ridge products are:

  • Free from parabens, phthalates, preservatives and colorants.
  • Products are free from any animal testing
  • wrapped in SFI paper. (Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
  • made from natural, sustainable plants + upcycled trees
  • steam distilled
  • natural essential oils


Natural Soy Wax, Coconut Wax, Steam Distilled Essential Oils, 100% Cotton Wick.


  • Size: diameter: 7cm, height 9cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Ingredients: Soy Wax, Coconut Wax ,Steam Distilled Essential Oils,
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Consistent
  • no unnecessary garbage

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