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The Spirit of OM

Indigo dress

Indigo dress

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Summer dress indigo/peach

How do you feel looking at yourself in this dress? Adorable? powerful? Sensual? Look forward to the feeling of happiness when you see yourself in the mirror in this dress for the first time. Delicate gradient colors and filigree mandalas together with the indescribably soft feel and the breathable, cooling properties of the bamboo fiber make the indigo/peach summer dress your summer favourite.

Bio-energetics is z. B. by embossing microfine gemstones into the organic cotton. Together with the basic energizing, they promote inner harmony and relaxation. Mandalas and the 'flower of life' or affirmations have an equally positive effect energetically. The positive, perfect symbols are intended to promote inner order, harmony and joie de vivre. The colors are finely tuned according to Ayurveda typology, which means that they suit almost everyone.


  • 60% viscose (from bamboo pulp); 35% cotton (organic)
  • 5% elastane
  • ecological digital coloring without water consumption


  • slight A-shape
  • narrow straps -> bra is covered
  • breathable, opaque bamboo fiber
  • slight stretch
  • double breast part
  • knee-length (approx. 100 cm for size M)


  • rose quartz

Rose quartz is a gemstone from the quartz family.
The rose quartz is the stone of selfless love and friendship. It can help to dispel relationship fears and worries.

How is rose quartz actually made?

Rose quartz forms in large masses at extremely high temperatures - directly from liquid magma. Magma comes from inside the earth: the core. This is glowing rock that is formed under enormous pressure and at the highest temperatures.

The History of Rose Quartz

For thousands of years, rose quartz has been refined into gemstones or processed into objects of art. Official seals made of rose quartz were used in ancient Rome. And the stone also plays a very special role in Roman mythology: Cupid, the god of love, is said to have given rose quartz to people to give them fertility and love. So it's no wonder that rose quartz is still said to have a particularly positive influence on love and friendship. As early as the Middle Ages, healers dealt with various gemstones, whose healing abilities had a positive effect on the body and soul of man.

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