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The Spirit of OM

Meditation cushion Jade Orange 38x17cm

Meditation cushion Jade Orange 38x17cm

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Meditation cushion pink/colorful

Experience stillness and contemplation in deep meditation!

This distinctive and breathtakingly beautiful meditation cushion is just waiting to accompany you on your next meditation. The unique and environmentally friendly print of the "Flower of Life" was equipped with micro-fine rose quartz. Palpably large rose quartz and amethyst gemstones were also sewn into the side strap. The gemstones brought in help you to open your heart and increase your inner well-being and the flow of energy in the body. This meditation cushion can be turned as you like. On one side you will find the "Flower of Life" and on the other side an imaginative mandala. The motif of the flower of life supports your inner harmony and promotes your inner well-being - perfect for any meditation. The pillow was filled with German organic spelled husk. Outer cover and lining of the meditation cushion can be removed and washed with a zip.

  • Material: Outer shell: 100% cotton Ökotex Standard 100
  • Inlay: 100% cotton (organic)
  • Filling: 100% spelled (organic)
  • Produced in Germany
  • Fair trade and 100% organic materials
  • Meditate with a clear conscience

Precious stones: rose quartz and amethyst

Size : 38 x 17cm high

Our special manufacturing process, which is based on the principles of bio-energetics and feng shui, is used right at the beginning of the production process for this meditation cushion.

Bio-energetics is z. B. by embossing microfine gemstones into the organic cotton. Together with the basic energizing, they promote inner harmony and relaxation. Motifs such as the 'flower of life' or affirmations have an energetically positive effect. The colors are finely tuned according to Ayurveda typology, which means that they suit almost everyone.

Precious stones: rose quartz and amethyst

Rose quartz is a gemstone from the quartz family. The rose quartz is the stone of selfless love and friendship. It can help to dispel relationship fears and worries.


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