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Book medicine to draw on, healing through information transmission by Neumayer Stark

Book medicine to draw on, healing through information transmission by Neumayer Stark

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Paint-on Medicine Volume I

press reviews

"Medicine to draw on" is a valuable contribution for beginners as well as for advanced people who already know this method. This work gives the newcomer a start, a taste, maybe even an opening into 'getting involved' with unlimited possibilities." (Layena Bassols Rheinfelder, August 2006)

"Medicine to draw on" This guide conveys this old knowledge in combination with modern research results based on many practical examples and with concrete application methods." (The art of living, Jan.-March 2007)

"What does the ice man 'Ötzi' have to do with the new understanding of healing? In contrast to today's apparatus medicine, Ötzi used the principles of energetic medicine healing vibrations. The old knowledge was rediscovered in the 1980s by the Viennese electrical engineer Erich Körbler. (...) This book is an immense enrichment, especially for homeopaths who use vibration medicine." (Prisma, Dec. 2006/Jan. 2007)

To the content of "medicine to draw on"
Native American peoples have always used signs and symbols to strengthen strength and courage. Tattooed strokes were also found on injured parts of the body on the famous ice cream man "Ötzi", and the scanner at the supermarket checkout recognizes the product by the bar code... Symbols, simple strokes and characters have been used since primeval times and in numerous cultures to convey information and to mobilize the self-healing powers. In the mid-1980s, the Viennese electrical engineer Erich Körbler revived this knowledge. According to this, the human, animal and plant organism can be positively influenced by geometric shapes and signs on the body, soul and spirit level. The signs act like antennae on the skin and from there change the body's energy system. They are drawn on painful areas or acupuncture points; With their help, information can also be transferred to water or healing stones. Many laypeople and therapists have tested and further developed this healing system, pass on their knowledge and use it in their daily practice - with sometimes astonishing success. A comprehensive guide for everyday life and therapy - with clear case studies and practical reports!

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