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Mindlet lotus white

Mindlet lotus white

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The white lotus, also called Pundarika in Sanskrit, symbolizes clarity of mind and spiritual perfection. Widespread in Hinduism and Buddhism, it impresses with its ability to let dirt roll off and is therefore also a symbol of purity and loyalty. This mindlet can help you stay calm and not let everything get to you.

On your yoga bracelet is the affirmation:

"The mind contains all possibilities" imprinted.

The word mindlet is made up of the word combination: Mindengl. Spirit, Soul, Sense, Thought and Bracelet -engl. bracelet together. The bracelet is an elegant reminder to find balance in life and to pay more attention to your own needs. Your mindlet can help you to control your thoughts more consciously and to change your mindset positively. These small affirmations remind you every day that they should give you energy, serenity and self-confidence. Strengthen your mindset with this beautiful accessory!

Material : skin-friendly, elastic silicone
Color : white, with lotus symbol
Embossing : lettering on the outside
Size : Ø approx. 60mm

handling and care

Putting on and taking off the bracelet

Please only hold the mindlet so far over your hand that there is slight tension on the bracelet. Place the index finger of your other hand on the inside of the bracelet and slide it over your hand in a circular motion until it reaches your wrist. When taking off, simply proceed in the reverse order of putting on. Avoid unnecessary stretching and twisting of the bracelet.


If necessary, please clean your Mindlet bracelet with water and mild detergents. Avoid direct contact with perfume and sharp objects so that you can enjoy your bracelet for a long time.


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