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Yin and yang mind

Yin and yang mind

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Mindlet Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang
The Yin & Yang symbol is probably one of the most well-known symbols worldwide. From a purely historical point of view, the origin of the most common variant today is around 1000 BC. The symbol, usually shown in black and white, stands for dualities or polarities. Common polarities include male-female, sun-rain, love-fear, and inside-out.

"Giving and receiving - movement and stillness"
The terms "Yin and Yang" and the black and white symbol Taijitu from Chinese philosophy stand for opposing yet related forces or principles. Worn on the arm, it reminds us of the interactions of all our actions and the importance of all small processes for the big picture.

It is important in the interpretation of the philosophy behind it that these polarities are mutually dependent and mutually produce: without light there is no shadow or where there is light there is also shadow. This ordering principle of the Chinese world view can be transferred to virtually all circumstances (e.g. Feng Shui, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), 5-element nutrition).

Yin and Yang alternately rise and fall. For example, we cannot run faster and slow down at the same time. After a high phase of the yang, the yang also falls and the yin rises, and vice versa.

The symbol shows us in an amazingly simple way that life is a constant process of change. It is very balancing and reminds us that after a low there will always be a high.

giving and receiving
There are people who tend to be more inclined to give. This character trait is also misused by others, so that these people like to be exploited or allow themselves to be exploited and "put a good face on the bad game". However, the motives can be different...
We sometimes have trouble with receiving. Reception tends to be assigned to the female side and is often interpreted as a weakness. We overload ourselves mentally and physically. Stress arises and we can get sick more quickly.

movement and stillness
In today's society, we often rush from one appointment to the next for business or pleasure. We want: higher, faster, further! Or at least that's what the media and environment like to suggest to us... The stress increases and we feel uncomfortable. Although we sense that something is wrong, we have the feeling that we cannot change it.
The opposite of movement is stillness. Because only in peace can we look at the bottom of the lake and recognize the really important things. The things that move us and are good for us.

"Love, trust, courage, strength, healing, blessings, gratitude" - wouldn't it be nice to always have the central wishes in life with you? The bracelet with the Yin & Yang reminds you of what is important in life, even in stressful situations, thanks to the terms embossed in the silicone. Always carry it with you - and let the positive vibrations fill you.

On your yoga bracelet is the affirmation:

"Love, trust, courage, strength, healing, blessings, gratitude" imprinted.

The word mindlet is made up of the word combination: Mindengl. Spirit, Soul, Sense, Thought and Bracelet -engl. bracelet together. The bracelet is an elegant reminder to find balance in life and to pay more attention to your own needs. Your mindlet can help you to control your thoughts more consciously and to change your mindset positively. These little affirmations remind you every day that they should give you energy, courage, strength and self-confidence. Strengthen your mindset with this beautiful accessory!

Material : skin-friendly, elastic silicone
Color : white with a round symbol - Yin & Yang
Embossing : lettering on the outside
Size : Ø approx. 60mm, length: 190mm

handling and care

Putting on and taking off the bracelet

Please only slide the mindlet over your hand so far that there is slight tension on the bracelet. Place the index finger of your other hand on the inside of the bracelet and slide it over your hand in a circular motion until it reaches your wrist. When removing, simply proceed in the reverse order to when putting on. Avoid unnecessary stretching and twisting of the bracelet.


If necessary, please clean your Mindlet wristband with water and mild detergents. Avoid direct contact with perfume and sharp objects so that you can enjoy your bracelet for a long time.

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