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The powerhouse for your gut

Your gut is not only responsible for digestion and metabolism, but also for many functions of your immune system. The gut is sometimes even referred to as the "gut brain" because it can certainly influence how you think and feel. Therefore, a healthy, balanced intestinal flora contributes a lot to your general well-being. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to influence, because antibiotics or intestinal cleansing cures often have a severe impact on the intestinal flora.

With MULTI FLORA you treat your intestinal flora to a powerful probiotic mixture of 14 different bacterial strains, which according to Dr. Hulda Clark published research results were compiled. They are specially designed to support the human intestinal flora and can help strengthen your digestive tract. Use the natural power plant for your health and well-being.
We have now added Jerusalem artichoke to MULTI FLORA, which, with its high inulin content, is the ideal food source for the probiotics.

MULTI FLORA 17g, probiotic bacteria approx. 60 capsules at 283mg

Basic price: EUR 146.48 / 100g

hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,

living mixture of bacteria (lactobacilli, lactis, casei, plantarum, rhamnosus, thermophilus, acidophilus, brevis, sporogenes, reuteri, bulgaricus, helvetica, bifidobacteria infantis, longum, bifidum),
Jerusalem Artichoke

Capsule material of purely vegetable origin.

The capsules only dissolve with a delay. Thus, the capsule contents are directly available in the intestine.

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