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Myth Affirmation Drinking Cup

Myth Affirmation Drinking Cup

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Drinking Cup Myth Affirmation

The Mythos Affirmation consists of 6 different drinking cups, which can all be ordered individually. The Mythos Affirmation drinking cups are coordinated overall concepts of symbol, color and shape. The drinking cups are based on the shape of the primordial system of circle and square, the so-called "squaring of the circle". The merging of opposites is made possible by the two intersections between circle-sphere, symbolic of female power, and square-cube, symbolic of male power shown. There is infinite energy in these power points, i.e. at the contact surface of lips and glass. The colors of the affirmations have a very different effect on everyone and can therefore arouse associations and emotions. With the help of the drinking cups, the observation and perception of personal existence can be made possible.

What is an Affirmation:

An affirmation is a positive belief such as: "I believe in myself." Or a "self-affirming sentence". The way the affirmation works is similar to the mantra, except that the affirmation does not work on the sound level but on the mental level. With the help of the affirmation we focus on our positive thoughts and influence or change them. So what you want to achieve or think, you put into words with the help of the affirmation and use them as a source of strength, motivation or as reassurance. The repetition of the affirmation plays an important part here. However, the affirmation only works if you really believe in the truth of what you say. You should be able to feel and resonate with the message as you speak and read it. There are 6 different affirmations.

myth love

i am totally in love

The symbol shows the reflection of the natural logarhythmic spiral and thus the perfection of the system. The red-purple color indicates the intersection of heaven and earth. The associated sound frequency is F, which stands for the highest intuitive power. Anyone who feels attracted to this frequency should go out into nature to activate its vertical flow of energy. In this perception, love can be experienced as if by itself.

myth recovered

I am completely safe.

This symbol, created in a spiral shape, points to the elemental forces and the embryonic principle of what is safe. The color frequency blue-violet also stands for the connection and rootedness with "UR". The sensitivity for electromagnetic fields and magical powers is activated with the sound frequency E. If people feel strongly connected to this color, they have a very sensitive perception.

Myth Harmony

I am perfectly in harmony.

The symbol represents the balance between the apparent inner world and external influences. The color frequency of the bright, friendly blue gradient connects people with their longing for belonging. The deeper the shade, the deeper the feeling. People who are connected to the audio frequency D have strong social potency, which they often bring into the world in a realistic way.

myth left

I'm perfectly calm.

With the playful movement, the symbol shows how these are fully integrated and actively involved in everyday life. The ability of self-observation is supported with the blue-green color frequency. Being able to feel your own power creates an awareness of serenity, calm and self-centeredness. It helps people reduce stress. The associated tone frequency is C. People connected to this frequency often work in therapeutic professions and invest personal energy in the well-being of others.

Myth Free

I am completely free.

The resulting symbol shows an entity dancing on a wave. The longing for flexible design options and freedom is conveyed and supported by the color frequency yellow. People associated with audio frequency A are often able to create order out of chaotic conditions.

myth healthy

I am perfectly healthy.

The symbol shows an entity that assumes a victory pose on a 3-step pedestal.

Red-orange is the color frequency that corresponds to natural vitality and earthly connectedness. The rotation of the earth also oscillates in this color. People who are connected to the audio frequency G often have charismatic charisma and work in leading positions in everyday life. In addition, Tone G activates the cell structure of one's own biological system.

  • Capacity: 0.25L
  • Weight:
  • Color tones may deviate from the original due to the printing process
  • Care: Glasses can be put in the dishwasher up to 300 times, but the symbols can fade, but we recommend washing the drinking cups by hand with a mild detergent

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