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Juniper Ridge

Room spray Juniper Ridge

Room spray Juniper Ridge

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Bring a breath of fresh air into your home, into your car, but also into the workplace or hotel with the soothing scents of the room spray. If you want to scent a room particularly quickly and easily, the best way to do this is with room sprays. With our sense of smell, we decide how we perceive our surroundings. The scent of a room is therefore essential for our perception. A good room fragrance helps us to further improve the atmosphere in our home. This gives us unique fragrances that can help us relax, meditate, concentrate and sleep. The room spray is a quick, clean solution to all household needs, while also being an all-natural replacement for stronger chemical odor eliminators. In addition to your room, give your upholstery, bed linen, pillows or curtains a new fragrance update.

Cascade Forest

The Cascade Forest room spray is an absolute must-have for anyone who longs for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. With its delightful scent reminiscent of the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, it will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. The scents of fir and pine, let your thoughts escape to the high altitudes with the freshest air on earth.

Redwood crap

Redwood Mist Air Freshener illuminates your home with scents reminiscent of the fog-shrouded redwood forests of Northern California and transports you to where some of the world's tallest trees meet the Pacific Ocean. The room spray gives off a gentle mist that welcomes you and gives you a feeling of security.

Coastal Pine

The Coastal Pine room spray is the perfect choice to infuse your home with a touch of nature and freshness. The scent of sticky pine needles and citrusy conifers reminds you of the foggy coastal forests of California and Cascadia. With this room fragrance and the breath of fresh sea air, you can dream of this beautiful landscape and leave everyday life behind.

white sage

The White Sage room spray reminds you of the "low", "evergreen oak". In another word, Chaparral. This occurs mainly in California. Just a spritz or two of our White Sage room spray will transport you to the sun-kissed Mojave Desert, enjoy the dry Mojave earth in your nostrils. The fragrance, one of the most iconic plants of the west, the dense off-white sage bush, which grows wildly over the vast desert landscape, sets the right note for the room spray.

Dersert Cedar

The room spray Desert Cedar means desert cedar and invigorates the senses. This fragrance is at the heart of the love song to the arid landscape of the Mojave Desert. As the midday sun transforms the landscape into a sun-baked blend of resin, the scent of warm leather, minerals and clay, the intense, soothing scent of cedar and juniper rises.

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