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The Spirit of OM

Long sleeve white silver

Long sleeve white silver

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Long sleeve white silver

This long sleeve is knitted with a special silver thread. The silver has an antibacterial effect, which prevents unpleasant odors. The long sleeve stays fresh longer and needs to be washed less often, which saves energy and water. In addition, it is temperature-regulating and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, such as neurodermatitis. The Logsleeve is pleasantly cool and light to wear. The long sleeve is ideal for a job in the medical profession or in the office. Silver thread made with pure 999 silver.

The velvety soft and silky bamboo fabric of the long sleeve offers an indescribably light and comfortable fit. The soft bamboo viscose fiber is ideal for sporting activities, but also wonderful for everyday use. The breathable bamboo viscose fiber of these long sleeves can absorb moisture to a large extent without feeling damp. The fiber gives a feeling of freshness and prevents odors. The bamboo fiber feels indescribably soft and velvety on the skin. In addition, the bamboo fiber of the long sleeve is very breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture. The bamboo fiber has an antibacterial effect. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The use of bamboo is very environmentally friendly and sustainable. Bamboo viscose fiber is derived from bamboo grass that grows in a tropical environment without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. A wonderful fiber that does not burden our earth!

The skin-friendly fabric of the long-sleeved shirt was manufactured fairly and sustainably and has a micro-fine tourmaline gemstone added to it. Black Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone that can help ward off negative influences, making it a wonderful protective stone for the body and soul. Thanks to its energetic powers, tourmaline also has an invigorating and activating effect, which allows it to stimulate our attention.

Fit & Material: Regular fit, slightly tailored, inner print with flower of life and positive affirmations

Material: 82% organic cotton, 12% silver yarn (embedded structured 99.9% pure silver in polyester polymer), 6% elastane

Gemstone: tourmaline

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