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Drinking mug Mythos Gold 0.25 l

Drinking mug Mythos Gold 0.25 l

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Drinking mug Mythos Gold 0.25 l

The shape of the Mythos Gold 0.25l drinking cup represents the merging of opposites, symbolically female power (circle and sphere) and male power (square). The Mythos Gold 0.25l drinking cup cannot fall over thanks to its special shape and is straightened up again and again. The natural wave shape of the drinking cups also helps to revitalize the water. Drinking water informed in this way can revitalize the water after a short time and can help to get back into balance. Since the Mythos Gold 0.25 drinking cup stands up again on its own, it is also ideal for children or the elderly. The flower of life is decorated with 24-carat gold on the bottom of the Mythos Gold 0.25 l drinking mug. The most popular variant. Gold has long been known for its energy. This powerful symbol helps to arrange the structures of the water in a new and harmonious way. Therefore, this flower enriches the revitalized water with life energy.

Why the flower of life?

The flower of life gives harmony and peace for body, mind and soul, negative vibrations can be removed with their help. If we place a glass of water, for example, on a coaster with the flower of life, the water molecules will resume their original vibration (primordial harmony). Due to the exact order, the flower of life is said to transform negative vibrations and strengthen positive vibrations.

The flower of life has a pattern that can be compared to the symmetrical crystal structure of water. This energy has a harmonizing effect on water. It is assumed that the flower of life harmonizes the structure of the water. We are talking about an energizing of the water. This energy is a kind of life energy that our cells use, without which diseases can develop. This space energy is harmonious, in contrast to mechanical energy. Mechanical energy causes a chaotic arrangement of the water molecules, as the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto proved with his experiments. Health is understood as a whole, as a unity between body and mind in harmony. Flower of Life is in harmony. The effect of the flower of life lies between science and spirituality, as the effect cannot be 100% proven.


The glass used for the Mythos Gold 0.25 l drinking cup consists of quartz sand and 40% recycled white glass.

The drinking cup Mythos Gold 0.25 l is 100% recyclable, because it consists exclusively of natural basic materials such as lime, quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay which are ecologically produced. The drinking cups Mythos Gold 0.25 l are made in Europe, taking into account the old art of glassmaking and thus maintaining old traditions.


Handmade glass from natural basic materials,

Tips/care instructions : Deposits in the glass are best removed with warm water and a little citric acid, rinse for about 1 hour (do not use the citric acid on the outside of the symbol).

  • Capacity 0.25 ml
  • Dimensions approx. height 90 mm
  • Ø 70 mm
  • Basic material free of lead
  • on the ground is a golden flower of life
  • the water, through the magnifying glass effect, brings out the beauty of the flower of life.
  • suitable for cold and lukewarm drinks
  • Suitable up to 70°C/ 158°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 0.203kg




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