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Yoga in the Airplane by Schultz&Schultz

Yoga in the Airplane by Schultz&Schultz

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Fly relaxed and arrive - with yoga! by Anne-Mareike Schultz and Inken-Christine Schultz "Millions of people are high up in the air every day. And for many, this also means spending hours in an uncomfortable and uncomfortable confinement that is far from freedom of movement. But what if the first hours at the destination were not filled with tension and pain would be shaped, but flying could become more relaxed?! This thought accompanied us on many of our trips and we want to share our solution with you here. Maybe you are like us: the desire to travel pulsates in our veins and we sometimes have the feeling that the whole world could be our home. But we also experienced how tedious one or the other flight was for us. In order to make these flights to our dream destinations easier and also less painful, we had an almost mischievous joy in developing yoga exercises for ourselves that can also be carried out in the smallest of spaces on the plane. Reading and sleeping, alternately stretching your legs under the front seat, shifting your weight or simply untying your body umpteen times when going to the toilet - all of this only helps temporarily. As soon as you sit down again, the agony is back. We sisters have two passions in common: Yoga and traveling to the most diverse destinations in this wonderful, wide world. After many trips and often seemingly endless waiting times at check-in counters, the idea came up to develop exercise sequences that make traveling easier and more relaxed. We tried out all sorts of movement sequences with playful ease that were supposed to help against tense necks, blocked backs and numb legs. Without us consciously realizing it - these were the tender beginnings of "Yoga on an Airplane". We started looking in bookstores for guides that covered aspects of travel and the muscular tension that comes with it. Unfortunately we didn't find anything. So why not grab a pen yourself? This has become a small, handy book that fits in your handbag or backpack as a travel companion. The topic of yoga has brought us two sisters together on a new level, because although our characters, ways of life and yoga concepts are quite different, yoga and travel connect us - and thus the combination of both. Yoga is the way, not the goal. It connects the world and also us. What is important to us about the yoga practice and touches us anew every time is the fact that it is not about assuming the body positions perfectly, but about enjoying yoga and trying out every exercise as best you can. Yoga can also be a playing field for discovering one's own capabilities, but consideration for our own daily form should also play a role. And on journeys that give us their very own rhythm, we should be particularly careful with ourselves. The exercises and exercise sequences presented in this book are based on our experience and are therefore not set in stone. You can vary them, because yoga gives room for creativity. Just take our ideas as food for thought and let your body guide you to the exercises that are good for you at that moment and that your seat allows you to do. This book is not only intended to support you on the plane, but can also help you with waiting times before check-in or the security check, because you can also use some of our exercises here. We ourselves know from our own experience how difficult traveling can suddenly become. Sometimes the connecting flight has to be reached quickly, sometimes the waiting before boarding is tormenting. In stressful situations we often do not succeed and here a mudra or a breathing exercise has often spared our nerves and given us a relaxed journey. "Yoga on the plane" is intended to be inspiration and advice to improve life on board for city hoppers and frequent flyers. Sit back, relax, enjoy this book and find your way to relaxation high up in the air. Combine wanderlust with pure well-being. We had a lot of fun writing Yoga on the Airplane together. And we look forward to our next flight. "Welcome on Board and Namasté - The divine in me greets the divine in you!" Paperback with 196 pages

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